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BioDtech in the News


Jin, Xu, Champion and Kruth (2015) Endotoxin contamination of apolipoprotein A-1: Effect on macrophage proliferation – a cautionary tale.  Atherosclerosis 240: 121.

PLoS One

Champion, Chiu, Ferbas and Pepe (2013) Endotoxin neutralization as a biomonitor for inflammatory bowel disease.  PLoS One 8: e67736.

BioDtech Flyer

Summary information for EndoBind-R™, EndoPrep™ and ESP™.

BioDtech Delivers

BioDtech provides endotoxin testing accuracy and product purity.

PEGS Poster Presentation

Increased accuracy of endotoxin detection and removal of low-level endotoxin contamination.

Endotoxins Unmasked

EndoPrep™ detects masked endotoxin.

BPI Poster Presentation

You’ll get attracted to EndoBind-R™ – endotoxins do.

Fatal Attraction

EndoBind-R™ advertisement.

Nashville City Paper

BioDtech unveils products.

Press Release

BioDtech launches three new products for faster and more accurate detection, neutralization and removal of bacteria.

Nashville Business Journal

Young BioDtech snags promising technology.

Press Release

BioDtech signs worldwide licensing agreement for new technology to quickly detect and remove bacterial toxins; potential impact on healtcare, hygiene, homeland security and bacterial warfare.